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Toowoomba Referral Group



ABN 45 803 702 579


Queensland 4350

Who Can Join TRG

Who Can Join?


  • Any person who wants to increase business success by meeting with other people for the purpose of giving and receiving quality referrals.
  • Any person who gives without expecting something in return.
  • A member must have a reputation for good business ethics.
  • There is only one member per business category.
  • Each member is approved by the management committee to ensure quality of membership is maintained.

TRG Business Member Benefits

Member Benefits


  • Generate and receive quality business leads and referrals.
  • Be inspired, motivated and increase your knowledge base from our guest speakers.
  • Receive support and actively promote other business owners and managers.
  • Be equipped with business tools for self-confidence and business development.
  • Build confidence in the delivery of your product/service.
  • Be part of an environment which encourages brainstorming.

Promote Your Business

Business Promotion


  • At the the beginning of every meeting, each TRG member is allocated 60 seconds to promote their business.
  • Members are also invited and scheduled to prepare and deliver 20 minute presentations on their products and services at least twice during the calendar year.
  • Network with other members before, during and after the meeting to discuss ideas and exchange information and professional advice.
  • Participate in association sponsored activities and events.  
Toowoomba Business Networking Group

Meeting Details

Generate quality referrals for your business


Toowoomba Referral Group (TRG) is a business networking and referral group which focuses on building relationships and business leads within a structured and positive environment.

Toowoomba Referral Group

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Urban Grounds Cafe


20 Herries Street

Toowoomba City


9:00am to 10:00am